Başak İnşaat | 23,800 Meter-square City Park For Biga

Çanakkale's Biga District, the town of 23 thousand 800 square meters, the largest city of South Marmara, the city park project was launched.
The city park project that was launched in Çanakkale's Biga District is reported to be the largest park in South Marmara with an area of 23,800 m2.

The work is underway for the project that will be the largest city park in South Marmara. CHP Biga Mayor İsmail Işık, stated that they have built an area where the people of Biga can take an enjoyable stroll, spend time, and exercise, and added: "Our project will be brought to life by Başak İnşaat for 3,561,000 Liras, which amounts to 4,202,000 Liras with VAT.

The facility will include an amphitheater, an ice rink, and game and sports areas. The trees that were within the facility area were marked and cut down by experts. The trees were valuated according to their worth. A total of 297,543 Liras for the trees and other products in this area will be paid to the previous owners as soon as the procedures are completed.

About 3000 saplings will be planted instead of the trees that were uprooted. Our desire is to open it on September 18, the anniversary of Biga’s Liberation," he said.