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The Kırkgeçit Spa in Çanakkale's Biga district is healing.
The Kırkgeçit Hot Springs at Çanakkale's Biga district is a healing spot.

According to a study by the University of Heidelberg, one of Germany's long-established universities, these hot springs have been in use for the last 2000 years.

The altar of Maria Reto, a votive inscription dated to the 1st century AD, also supports this history of the hot springs. The thermal water that flows since ancient times with its own charm is at a temperature of 52 degrees Celsius and continues to flow in three different areas. Since it is difficult to get there in ancient times, it is said that it was necessary to go through the creek bed 40 times to reach the hot springs. According to the stories, this is where the name “Kırkgeçit” (Fortypasses) originates from. With today’s improved means of transport, there is now accommodation facilities at the hot springs. Köşdere Kırkgeçit Thermal Hotel which is located 18 km away from the center of the Biga district and constructed over an area of 12.000 m2 offers accommodation for people who visit the Kırkgeçit hot springs. The hotel includes indoor and outdoor thermal baths, natural sauna and inhalation rooms, daily family baths, relaxation halls, reception and fitness room.

Health Benefits of the Hot Springs

Experts recommend bathing for 21 days to get the maximum benefit from the hot spring water. The hot spring water is in the group of sodium sulfate waters and is composed of elements of calcium, chlorine, sulfate and bicarbonate. The pH of the water is 9.2 and is slightly basic. The water is useful for the following diseases; rheumatic diseases, arthritis, chronic low back pain, soft tissue diseases, orthopedic postoperative support treatment, brain and neurological postoperative treatment, cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, stress, sports injuries and skin diseases.