Başak İnşaat | The Rise of World Cuisine in Kıyı

Kiyi Mall, which has been popular since the day it was opened, is attracting attention with its space options offered to Canakkale. Live music and world cuisine, Richie Rich, one of the attractions of Coastal AVM, continues to be a frequent visitor.
Kıyı Shopping Mall, which has been popular since the day it was opened, is attracting attention with the venue it offers to the people of Çanakkale.

Richie Rich continues to be a popular venue with its live music and its kitchen that offers world cuisine. Richie Rich, which brought a breath of fresh air to Çanakkale since its opening at Kıyı Shopping Mall, continues to offer many alternatives to the city. Richie Rich, one of the rare establishments that hosts live music 7 days a week, aims to attract the people of Çanakkale with its kitchen that offers world cuisine.

Turgay Çakar, one of the two partners of the establishment, is an experienced businessman as he is the owner of Marina Meat Restaurant and the Staras Music. Çakar, who opened the Richie Rich together with Uygar Öz to create a new alternative for Çanakkale, told us about its services and expectations.

Turgay Çakar said that they are particularly ambitious about the world cuisine, and added; "Richie Rich is a venue that starts with a rich breakfast in the morning and ends with live music at night.

People come here from breakfast to dinner, in which we offer a rich world cuisine so that they can find anything.

We’re quite ambitious about the world cuisine. Our chefs are from Çanakkale, but they’re excellent chefs who worked in very good positions. Thanks to them, our clients can eat pizza, meat, pasta, etc, whatever they want and enjoy it.”

Live music throughout the week, Karadeniz Night on Saturdays

Çakar who stated that they were the only establishment which hosts live music at the Kıyı Shopping Mall, added; “We host live music 7 days a week. For example, Selin, one of the powerful voices from the TV show “O Ses Türkiye,” took the stage here. At the beginning of the year, we prepared a show with names such as Ebru Polat and filled the venue out, proving that Richie Rich will be one of the most popular places in Çanakkale. Like I said before, we have live music every day, we also have a Karadeniz night accompanied by kamancheh on saturday evenings. We have many customers that love it and come here solely for those events. In this context, as a two-month-old business, I may easily say that it is going well now.” Çakar said that the Kıyı Shopping Mall will become one of the most frequented venues thanks to the options offered to the people of Çanakkale. He said; "Right now, Kıyı Shopping Mall is definitely in fashion, it’s going very well. I guess every business here is doing pretty well, because the Kıyı Shopping Mall carries a strong potential. The crowd of Çanakkale began to slip towards this side from the establishments at the Kordon. It is almost impossible to find a place here on the weekend, especially on Saturday evenings. The customers usually reserve spots beforehand. The majority of our customer profile is families who come here to celebrate special occasions, too. We are especially careful to keep a proper business line here, and the discomfort of one customer means that we also are uncomfortable. When we look at price, we are regarded in normal levels according to the market; breakfast for two is 20 Liras, a very reasonable price in these market conditions." Turgay Çakar, an executive at the Richie Rich said; "17 Burda has a positive effect here. That venue closes about 10-10:30 p.m., and the real activity starts here at about that time. Once the people stop shopping, they just come here to listen to live music and to have fun. Besides, there are no live music venues at the Kıyı Shopping Mall but us. Therefore I think we’re a good alternative for Çanakkale. It is the largest place in the Kıyı Shopping Mall (combination of 3 shops) and we are happy to fill it every day. " (Özden Yarar)